Based on the notes came from both the early adopters and the external colleagues, I adjusted the interface to make it more intuitive and easily discoverable. Labels, introduction, node info popups were added along with detailed commit description.



Structuring the information based on their importance and their place in the content hierarchy was the first step of the refreshment in case of every documentation page. I needed to create digestible chunk of information and an easy in-page navigation between theses information chunks in order to ensure that the readers find the right information with as less effort as possible.



Re-skinning the tables and list pages was about making the information discoverable, even when the nature and form of the information by default is monotone and/or repetitive. That required compact and smart solutions to distinguish data types without altering the actual output.



There were projects along the way that grew into a sub-brand. To make their visual distinguishable within the main brand I used a new combination of the elements from the brand strategy, proving that it’s flexible and expandable enough to embrace new variants.



The need of maintaining a consistent look across the refreshed and the upcoming pages led me to create a design library, where the main layout elements are set up and ready to pull into a new design when needed. In this way both the measurements and the hierarchy of the elements could be kept consistent.



When creating public facing materials, I often needed to tap into the field of graphic design. The custom infographics, decorations and logos often required special elements to create. The social banners and support papers also needed to be fully branded to maintain brand awareness.



CARDANO ROADMAPThe most complex refurbishment project was of the Cardano Roadmap. Due to the extended amount of different kind of information needed to be displayed, it took me several revision rounds and active collaboration with the community to get to the final layout. That layout was eventually a combination of smart wrapping and contextual filtering. You can read more about the design steps.