Investors in People offers management trainings and accreditation to organizations. Their aim was to turn thei web platform into an effective marketing vehicle for which they asked me to optimize the content architecture and brand identity. I was asked to increase the conversion rate of the core user flow and create and engaging platform that gives a higher value to their services.


The aim of the identity refreshment was to open new business channels towards small/medium and relatively newly founded companies, because the brand materials the client had to work with that time significantly narrowed the audience they could reach. I was asked to shift the visual language according to the new business goals and make it able to call younger companies on board.

I have chosen to keep the two main colors from the old brand asset, applying the necessary corrections in term of shade and saturation, in order to ensure recognisability and smooth brand transition.



In order to prepare the brand for expansion I had to extend the brand guide and establish a pattern library. The new visual strategy was applied to each individual element of the platform, including a fully customized icon and graphic library, creating consistent message.



One of the biggest challenges the platform faced was the high bounce rate during the free assessment course, their main conversion channel. I was requested to create an intuitive user flow, which leads the user from one task to another and eventually convince them to get in touch, hence significantly increases sales conversion.



Bringing in interactivity and increasing the usability of the platform was crucial to create a two-way communication with the visitor to engage them with the features of the platform and make them recognize the value of the information they receive. That process required me to both create a new navigation structure and to lay out a new, optimized content architecture.



Establishing trust and building the image of an approachable authority required a new set of imagery, moving beyond stock photos. It also required a reorganized content flow, highlighting the experts and communicating the features in an orderly, detailed manner.