Symphony of Blockchains is an interactive, visual and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The project is an ongoing research initiative with the aim of bringing about greater understanding of blockchain technology. I had the privilege to design the interface for Version 1.0 - seen below and to continue designing the UI and interactions for the upcoming Version 2.0 as well.



I've received the project with the data already pulled and displayed for the blockchain bloks so the first step for me was studying the nature and the amount of data to design. I started to map out the UI elements and give them a branded apparance originated from the main style guide I created earlier.


I've made several test-design to try into the layout to be able to decide which one serves the content the best. Eventually I went with modular design that can be multiplied for further functions and easier to adapt to responsive behavior.


After adding the UI elements into the layout I needed to visualize the different interaction loops, states, page changes and screen resizes. Based on the feedback, I needed to think a bit beyond the scope of responsive design and applied native app design standards for the mobile view to ensure full functionality on smaller screen sizes.



The project related information needed to be designed in an engaging way to convey the effort and spirit were put into the project by the creators. I decided to split the emphasys between the visual and textual information equaly and create a custom layout for the Symphony pages within the brand guidelines.



For the public facing presentations I chose to create contemporary artworks (poster, banners, tickets...) to stay inline with the cutting edge nature of the Symphony project. One of these milestone events was the Symphony Lonon Meetup in May 2018.